My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What a wonderful Calvary Delta church family we have! I have become so attached to you all and
thank God regularly that He led my family from Colorado Springs to Delta to be a part of this
great Calvary Delta church family! What a blessing it is to worship and live out our faith in this
community with one another. Even in these times, we will continue to do so, and even more so.
The Scriptural principle is always: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and all
your soul and all your mind” and “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37,
Recent world events regarding the pandemic spread of the COVID-19 virus has gripped the
world. It has slowed our personal freedoms during these unparalleled times. Our economy is
strained. Our movements are somewhat hindered. Our daily lives have been temporarily, slightly
disrupted. COVID-19 is making all of us pay attention to what really matters in life, God, family,
friends, and our community. This includes church.
Regarding live, personal church attendance, as Calvary Baptist Church elders we have
sought out two things: 1) a biblical approach, one informed by Holy Scriptures and church
history, and 2) an informed, balanced approach that seeks to care for our church family, those
that we and the Lord love. Biblically, in the Old Testament, while God was leader of His people
Israel, if someone has an infectious disease, they quarantined themselves until the symptoms of
the skin disease subsided and they went to the priest to have him make sure they were healthy
and could rejoin the group. All this was so that highly infectious diseases like leprosy or boils,
which spread through touch, was not passed on throughout the congregation (see Lev. 13). This
kept the people of God safe from spreading diseases. In addition, the Scriptures teach us to be
submissive to the governing authorities when they are seeking our good and not persecuting the
Gospel (see Romans 13:1-5). The US Government (President Trump & his Cabinet), the Centers
for Disease Control (CDC), and the Governor of Colorado has asked that we limit our people who
meet together to under 50, and even 10 (Trump). Public gathering places like restaurants,
theaters, dance halls, plays, schools, and gyms are all closed per government guidelines.
Therefore, Calvary Baptist Church is temporarily suspending our live, in person
gatherings on Sundays to worship the Lord. The elders will reevaluate this policy on
Monday, March 30 th , after two Sundays. We will live stream both Sundays on Facebook
Live! All you have to do is double click on the following address at at 10am both Sunday mornings March 22 nd and March 29 th .
This is an unparalleled time for Christian outreach and ministry to the Delta community. Please
be considering how to minister to your neighbors. God is faithful and will see us through it.

Always in the Grip of His Grace and Mercy,

Pastor Greg and the Elders, Brad, Steve, and Chip

1290 A Street, delta, co, 81416

Worship Times:

Sunday School 9am

Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am

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