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Church Government

Calvary Baptist Church in Delta, Colorado is a locally governed and controlled church. It does not come under any denominational governing person or body such as a presbytery session, a pope, an arch bishop, a board, or a diocese. We all agree to associate and worship together as a faith family and to associate with other Southern Baptists for the purpose of living out our beliefs with like minded people who encourage and build us up.


Calvary Baptist Church is part of the Colorado General Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. Yet, we are locally autonomous and governed, accountable only to our consciences, the Lord Jesus Christ, and one another for fulfilling the mandates of our faith. 


Calvary Baptist Church in Delta, Colorado is an elder led, deacon served, congregationally accountable local church. Practically, the elders run the day to day affairs of the church and report to the church quarterly. The church votes on its leaders and budget annually. 

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