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Recently, I've been asked quite a few questions about the Syrian refugee issue, Islam, and the morality of taking care of our own marginalized and hurting people in the United States (e.g., homeless, disabled veterans, orphans and widows) and caring for the hurting, displaced, or refugee in the world. 


This issue is one bigger than a simple discussion or set of discussions. It is a complex, hard, multifacted issue that is supported on both sides by Scripture. Clearly, God cares for the poor, orphan, widow, incarcerated, and refugee (James 1:27; book of Ruth; Matt. 25:35-41). Over 90 times in the Scriptures we are commanded to care for the "stranger", "alien", or "enemy" among us. He cares for those who are not His people by faith, and He cares and loves all mankind, even terrorists. Yet, He is also a God of order and justice, character traits of His that are as unchanging as He is (Mal. 3:6; Heb. 13:8).


In fact, God clearly states that His people are to pray for the government (even those policies and politicians we do not agree with or are contrary to Scripture itself), that we all may live quiet and peaceful lives (1 Tim. 2:1-2). God also states that it is the government's job to seek justice and punishment, to maintain peace, order, and security (Romans 13:1-6). After all, even God Himself has often been a part of securing His people (see the book Exodus or Nehemiah - the rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls for example). So, Scripture seemingly affirms the balance of both serving the poor, the refugee, the orphan and widow, as well as other marginalized peoples, and the security, peace, and order of a society. Both are clearly taught in Scripture and are sometimes seemingly at odds with one another in our broken world. 


Towards that end, it is best for God's people to read, study, pray, and discern what is the best response to a refugee crisis in their own hearts and minds. Towards that end, click on each of the links to the right of this article, prayfully read and discern, and let the Lord help you seek a biblical approach to this issue. Please remember: None of these articles in any way represents or is the value or view of this pastor, the elders, of Calvary Baptist Church of Delta, or the Southern Baptists overall. They are merely presented for your information gathering, processing, and edification as you process any and all of them through a proper biblical worldview supported by your Bible.


No one will be happy with this assortment of articles, as they represent all differing sides. That is the purpose: to offer various viewpoints and let the individual Christian reader use soul freedom to decide as he or she is led by the Holy Spirit under the weight of the Scriptures.   Our church takes no official position and is making no pronouncement on public policy. 


Pastor Greg

Christian response to refugees & Muslims discussed

(Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission- SBC)

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