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What does it mean to be Southern Baptist? It mainly means that we cooperate with 40,000+ other churches in North America to send 9,000+ missionaries into the world to share the Gospel. Each Southern Baptist church is locally autonomous, self-governing, self-sufficient in ministry, and self-supported. We cooperate because we think we are better together with others for the pupose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our neighbors and around the world. Together we can share resources and help keep 9,000+ missionaries on the field, and work together for Disaster Recovery projects.


What are Southern Baptist values? Southern Baptists believe three main things: 

1) We are people of the Book (the Bible) - so we seek to obey its teachings and submit to the Lord Jesus Christ, of which the entire Bible points us towards. 


2) We seek to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) - to go into all the world and share God's love with all creation, people from every tongue, tribe, and people group. Everyone needs Jesus!


3) We are better together - by cooperating with other churches, we get more done for God! 




Calvary Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church and adheres to the Baptist Faith & Message (2000) as our confessional statement of belief,  faith, and practice. To learn more, click on button below. 



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