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Weddings performed by the staff of Calvary Baptist Church are usually at the discretion of the minister but are administered in keeping with the historic orthodox Protestant practice of marriage/weddings and our statement of belief and practice, the Baptist Faith and Message (2000). Therefore, all weddings performed in the church shall be Christian weddings. The elders shall retain the right to refuse marrying/performing any wedding that goes against their beliefs and/or conscience. 


The usual ministerial practice for first time marriages is for pre-marital counseling to take place before the wedding. Usually two- six sessions would be the norm, which has been correlated with longer marriages with less issues. 


All music chosen for the wedding shall be approved by the Worship Arts Leader/Elder or the Pastor. The couple shall obtain their marriage license from the state in advance and have it present for all weddings. 


There can be no alcoholic beverages/smoking/ drug use (including legal recreational drugs), and/or electronic/vapor cigarettes/smoking present anywhere in the church or on the church grounds. 


Dress and decorum shall be appropriate for the religious nature of the setting. 

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