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 But as for you, continue in what you have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, and how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. - 2 Timothy 3:14-15 NIV

Do you want your kids to understand God's design and marvelous complexity in His creation? What about how they are made in God's image? How about how what they learn in school may not be the whole truth or even any truth about how we got here on earth? Answers in Genesis is a fun filled, relevant and timely kids' curriculum  designed to actively engage and develop children's understanding of the world they live in through a biblical lens that is science friendly. Fun activities, games, experiments, and wonder filled music all are mediums to teach kids the wonder of hos they were made and the centrality of Jesus for their lives.  

Children's Sunday School

The children are going through the Gospel Project Sunday School curriculum right now. This is a Christ-centered, chronological Bible study that teaches children that the Bible is not a collection of stories. It is one story of God's plan to rescue His people from sin and death. It is the story of redemption, the gospel message of Jesus Christ. And it's our story, too. Sunday School is the primary means for our kids, along with family devotions led by adults at home, of building a solid biblical foundation for our childrens' faith. Regular attendance, such as 40+ Sundays a year, assists our kids in learning the core narratives of the faith (Noah and the ark, Daniel in the lion's den, Jesus walks on water, etc) and sound Bible skills (such as where the different books are, who wrote them, Old and New Testament differences, etc). It's also a great way for kids to have fun and build positive peer friendships.

Children's Choir

Our goal is to raise up the next generation of worshippers of Jesus Christ! Singing, music education and skills, harmony development, and choreography towards a final performance for the community are all emphasized for children ages 1-5 grades. Performances are usually twice annually, Christmas and Easter seasons. 

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